Sunday, February 22, 2009

Long distance advertising

While I was in Kansas City over Valentines I found out the Build Something Together residency I proposed for INDA:5 in the Rockhurst University's Greenlease Gallery went through, and funding was secured. So yesterday when Katy canceled working on her backpack, I started getting ready for Kansas City. The first and most important thing to do at an early stage for the project is advertising, so people can get their proposals in to me and everything isn't last minute. I had already talked to my girlfriend, Elysia, who is still living in Kansas City and asked her if she could flier a bunch of surrounding neighborhoods, and she was fine with that. However, I know she is very busy with her BFA Thesis, and since she is not my only connection in Kansas City I decided to utilize the other people.

The advertising took a few different forms:
(50) 11x17 posters,
(50) 8.5x11 fliers,
(150) fliers in envelopes addressed to "Would you like to build something together?"

I got all of the posters and fliers printed at Kinkos, and printed all of the envelopes at home. Each person on my mailing list got a handful of materials to post around their neighborhood or stick under peoples' windshield wipers.

I really hope this technique works! To help track results I started a map on Google where I put all of the original addresses I mailed to, and then as proposals start to come in I can add additional points to the map.

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k.bouton said...

Yo Zach I took a look at your build something together website and love the concept and execution both. Let me know if you would like an extra hand sometime... love, k