Tuesday, May 12, 2009


A lot has happened since the last time I updated my blog, sorry for the long delay. Here are a couple of recent developments..

Build Something Together in Kansas City
From March 14 - 28 I was in Kansas City for a residency with the Greenlease Gallery at Rockhurst University. During my time there I was able to help 16 people with various projects. Some of the projects included updating a chicken coop, building a compost bin, and making a water collection system for a rooftop. All of the projects turned out great and there were few hang ups.
This experience also gave me a couple of opportunities to talk about my work on the radio and on a little documentary film series. If you are curious what those look like check out: radio and film. I never realized how hard it would be to talk about the work while having either a mic or video camera in my face, but was lucky enough to find out.
At the end of the project I realized how much I really enjoyed doing work like this in my home town. Before coming out the the Social Practice program here at PSU I had been making public art in Kansas City, but I had never worked directly with community members. This project let me see a new side of Kansas City I had never experienced before, so it was successful!

Here are some pictures from Build Something Together in Kansas City:

installation view

installation view (project documentation was added to right wall throughout residency)

new sign for The Review

Tatum Birthday Party dive

swinging Mary's students

making instruments with Mary's students

Karen's rainwater collection system

Terri's mask

Ivanhoe Neighborhood Public Art

Ivanhoe Neighborhood Public Art

Drew and Charlie's shag pad

More about the project in Kansas City can be found on buildsomethingtogether.com!

YWCA Rooftop Garden
So after a bit of waiting and crossing my fingers the project at YWCA has gone through! We had been waiting to hear back from the city to see if our rooftop could handle the additional weight, but after we got approved the lumber was ordered and delivered. Ever since the lumber was delivered I have been working on the roof any time I get a free moment. Here are some pictures of the project.

Base coat of Rebecca's Mural

Some picnic tables and planter boxes

9 finished planters

Portland weather

Wood pile and planters

So now that I have updated I will try to keep on top of it from now on! Take care

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