Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Build Something Together

When I moved to Portland one of my main concerns was losing all of my friends, and not being able to work with them anymore. After a couple of months my girlfriend, Elysia, came out to visit me and when she left I realized my concern was valid, I had not been collaborating with my friends since being in Portland.

So, when Elysia left I realized that if I started a simple website listing all of my skills and some info on previous collaborative projects, I could probably find some people in Portland to work with. BuildSomethingTogether.com was born!

On Monday I sent out an email to the general public advertising the new version of BuildSomethingTogether.com, and more proposals came in. I am very excited about the progress this project is making locally, and I am looking forward to working with everyone I can possibly work with.

Do you want to build something together?

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