Monday, January 12, 2009

Proposals and winter break

Since November 25th I have been traveling quite a bit and working on submitting proposals. My traveling consisted of going to Lincoln, Nebraska for the Thanksgiving holiday. While in Lincoln I was able to spend time with my girlfriend, Elysia, and her family. We went to a Husker game and saw a 57 yd field goal, a school record! Elysia and I drove to Kansas City for the weekend after Thanksgiving. My dad's side of the family live in Kansas City, so I got to spend a little time with them and go sledding with my niece and nephew, Alex and Taylor.

I flew back to Portland to wrap up finals and have a review of my work in the Social Practice Workshop. During my review I spoke quite a bit about Build Something Together, and one of the suggestions was to submit the project as a residency proposal to galleries who were in need of a handyman. Luckily I had just been invited to submit a proposal for a show in Kansas City that would be celebrating the fifth year of the Interdisciplinary program at the Kansas City Art Institute, where I got my BFA. My proposal can be found at /proposals/INDA5.pdf

I had also told the YWCA that I would have their proposal in by the time I left for winter break, so I wrapped up some final details and reduced the budget considerably. The final proposal can be found at /proposals/YWCArootop.pdf. As of right now we are still pretty unsure of the weight bearing limit and cannot move on with the project until everything is stamped by the engineer.

After those two main proposals were sent off and finals were complete I began talking to Anna and Ryan of Special Projects Press about a project where the Print Factory would publish a document explaining how to build a printing press. When I got back to Kansas City I was able to talk to Jesse and Will about this publication, and they were both very excited.

My winter break was spent split between a week of Kansas City, a week in Tyler Texas and a few days in Minneapolis. Every day I was able to spend a lot of time with someone in my family, and some friends. It's so awesome when you get to go home and talk to your old high school friends about their lives and see that we are all doing pretty much the same basic things but in different directions. I can already see that trips like this one are what will make me want to move back to the midwest. It is so nice to see the family whenever and for however long I want.

Hope your holidays were also fun!

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