Friday, November 21, 2008

West Coast Print Factory Update

Earlier this month I found a guy, Bill, on craigslist who milled his own wood and sold the lumber as a hobby. I went out to his house in the Columbia River gorge and fell in love with the area. Bill and I hung out for a little while and I bought some maple from him for the construction of the West Coast Print Factory. We talked for awhile about the previous printing presses and I showed him the Automini.
When I got back to Portland with the wood there was nothing I could do with it because of the drama happening around the shop here at PSU. So I called up Bill to see if he would let me use his shop to cut out all the parts of the press. He said "of course" when I asked, so I thought I would give it a shot. Last friday I went out to his shop and got to work.

I was there for about 7 hours laboring over the table saw and drove back to Portland to do the first glue up. For the weekend I continued to work on the press and got to about here

I got home from my last class earlier today and began working. The two towers are fully assembled and the finsh is drying. Tomorrow I will put it all together and start designing and building the adjustment levers for the end of the main roller shaft and the top of the two piece of all thread.
Ill keep this updated.

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