Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Birdhouse painting, and recap on entire project.

This project was brought on because I sent home fliers to all of the students advertising Build Something Together and asking parents to help their children write a proposal for a treehouse or something their kid wanted. None of the parents got back to me but the PTA classroom representative got ahold of me and asked to do an artists residency in the classroom. I was asked to do a project that would be sold at auction to bring in funding for the school.

I did some brainstorming with the students and we came up the idea to build a birdhouse condominium where each student would design an individual birdhouse that would come together to form a community. The PTA put together a poster advertising the Birdhouse Condominium Project, it was placed outside of the classroom so every parent would it every morning they dropped their kid off.

At the time they wrote up the poster I was also writing a short grant to the K-12 Committee to ask for funding. The poster was also used to ask for volunteers and a $5 donation to bring together funding, so the funding was being approached from two angles.

After getting all of the birdhouses ready I was ready to take them to the first graders and have them paint on their designs.
There was a whole group of parents waiting to help me, so my hands weren't all tied and was able to consult students and help them most accurately redo their original drawing.

It was a great day of working with these guys, and I feel like they created some wonderful birdhouses. When I get some more pictures of the completed objects I will post them as well.

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