Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Field trip and other goodies

Last weekend the MFA program went on a field trip to various art related locations. Friday morning we all piled into our vans and off we went.
First stop was at a Mia Lin piece called "Land Bridge" which consisted of a pedestrian bridge over the highway, which she didn't even design! This piece was one of four installed around the area, but we only had time for one. I was very impressed with the rain water runoff recycling system which fed all of the native plants on the bridge, other than that I felt the $16 million could have been spent in a more productive manor.
Katy and I thought this image was pretty funny..

Second stop was at the Maryville Museum of Art. We were given a nice introduction the museum by the currator and then we walked around for a bit. I was able to record a film playing of a Serpentine Dancer in 1906 and get pictures of 5 really great photographs.

Outside of the gallery I found Connie and Hannah teaching a peacock about Social Practice with free food, and I also was able to get a great panorama of the view.

Down the road 4 miles there is an exact replica of the Stonehenge cast from concrete. This was a definite highlight of the trip because I got to climb on some rocks and play around with everyone. I was also able to get another great panorama looking over the Columbia.

Third and final stop for the first day was at Crow's Shadow. We met Frank and he told us all about the mission of Crow's Shadow which is to help Native Americans print their artwork with a master printer and make money from it. That is very abbreviated explanation so check out for more info! After a bit of drinking and losing at Hearts, Eric announced he would be going to the Casino up the street and asked if anyone wanted to join in--of course I did and so did some others! Rachel, Vanessa, Miles, Eric and I went to the casino and I was the only one to walk away with more money than I started with! That was nice, sorry guys!

The next morning we went to James Lavadour's studio and talked about his current body of work and played with his very friendly dogs, Abby and I forgot the other one's name..

Then we drove into Pendelton to get breakfast. This town was very interesting.. I didnt know the lipstick was her symbol but my oh my does it do justice for her representation of american women everywhere!

Then we headed back to Portland! I had a great time on the trip, it was a great way for me to see the bueatiful landscapes Washington and Oregon have to offer, and not too far from home! The trip also gave us all a chance to relax and get to know everyone a little better.

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